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Αυλαία για το En Lefko Film Festival

The 2017 En Lefko Film Festival, presented by En Lefko 87.7 and Frontstage S.A., announced the winners of the Main Awards.

Το En Lefko Film Festival αποκαλύπτεται!

The 1st En Lefko Film Festival has unveiled its official schedule around ten days before the festival's kick off.

Αφιέρωμα στον Ντενί Βιλνέβ

The Canadian auteur is considered to be one of the greatest directors working today.

Parties στο πλαίσιο του En Lefko Film Festival

A film festival, would be incomplete without a full entertainment experience.

Κερδίστε Προσκλήσεις για το Fargo 3 (Επ01 + Επ02)

For the first time in Greece a film festival brings TV to the big screen. Watch with us the first two episodes of the third season of Fargo,


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