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Katie Says Goodbye


30 April 2017 - 17:00 Danaos Under the Radar |

Katie Says Goodbye is the story of an optimistic and kindhearted young woman named Katie. Living in a struggling desert town in Arizona composed of little more than a trailer park and a small diner, Katie dreams of a new life in San Francisco. In order to best save the necessary funds to leave her desolate town and start anew, Katie prostitutesherself to a handful of regulars that frequent the diner she waitresses at.As Katie draws near to saving the funds she believes her new life requires, she encounters a young ex-convict named Bruno. Katie quickly falls in love, much to the dismay of Bruno’s coworkers at the local auto body shop. As a relationship with Bruno begins to form, the delicate harmony of their small town slowly begins to fall into disarray. The lost and wayward individuals that Katie finds herself surrounded by slowly begin totake advantage of her innate kindness. Things quickly spiral out of control and Katie is faced with a number of extreme challenges and setbacks. Katie’s perseverance and ever-present optimism are threatened as she attempts to overcome the new hardships.In the end, it is Katie’s heart that must guide her in the decision to either accept her lot and stay in the destitute town she was born into, or to continue her pursuit of a new life despite losing everything to those she loved and trustedmost.

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Πάροδος Κηφισίας 109, Αθήνα, Ελλάδα

30 Apr

Katie Says Goodbye

  • 17:00 - 18:30
  • Danaos